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#1 – Pride in 109 Fraternity Court: It is a house that has seen its ups and downs, both physically and in the lives of those Psi Chapter brothers who came of age at this address. There have been renovations through the years to keep it a safe, comfortable and competitive living space for our active brothers.

#2 – Fraternity Philanthropy: The Psi Chapter commits its community service efforts to the Ronald McDonald House and Cystic Fibrosis. Psi Chapter philanthropy efforts benefit Victory Junction, a camp for terminally ill and disabled children.

#3 – Bustling Chapter: In 2013 the chapter initiated a strong class of new members, and looks forward to continued growth this year.

#4 – Cherished Traditions: They may be different across the decades. However, there are traditions that were born in our home at 109 Fraternity Court and which still live with our undergraduates today. Which ones do you remember?

#5 – Little Sisters and Sweethearts: They were some of our best friends during college, and a few of them became the wives of Sigma Nu brothers. Who do you remember?

#6 – Guidance of Alumni: The young men initiated into Sigma Nu at UNC are often under 20 years of age. During our years as undergraduates, there was reassurance in knowing that alumni were looking out for our best interest. Now, as alumni, we understand that we cannot ask a lifetime of experience from young men who are just learning what leadership means. We have to show them. That is how we learned.

#7 – Football Weekends: As the fall 2014 football season is underway, we are reminded of past football weekends that brought together UNC alumni and actives on the house lawn for meals, stories, games, networking and good times not replicated in any other setting.

#8 – Homecoming: These were some of the best times. We encourage you to return to what is often a full agenda of events, including food, the big game (of course) and time to catch up with brothers and their families.

#9 – Decade and Pledge Class Reunions: 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 60 ... the years pass by so quickly. Some of the best memories have been made as smaller groups come back to UNC to celebrate the anniversary of a pledge class or the camaraderie of a decade of Sigma Nu brothers.

#10 – Getting the News: If you had a way to read about what members of your pledge class are doing, wouldn't you stop and take notice? Our website is one way to stay connected. Update your profile. Contact a brother. Make your opinion known about the state of the chapter. It's time to get involved.