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“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” And so it is with the Psi Chapter and our house at 109 Fraternity Court since we opened in 1888. Brothers cared about brothers then and they still do today. The list below represents those who have donated this year and support our Psi Chapter financially.


These brothers value the relationships they developed through Sigma Nu, want to keep track of old friends and our chapter’s progress, care about the place they called home at University of North Carolina and where they will always be welcome visitors, and have a stake in the ongoing process of creating the next generation of young leaders. They wrote a check because they believe these things are important. Also, they fund alumni communications, The White Star, reunions, receptions, house events, maintaining contact information for the 1,013 living Alpha alumni, and improving the physical condition of our fraternity house.

To date, 0 brothers have made gifts totaling $0.00. However, we still hope to hear from 8 brothers who donated last year but have yet to be heard from in this cycle. We reach out to those who have not been involved and invite them to participate.

A strong alumni organization is the foundation for a healthy undergraduate chapter – a place where leadership develops and lifelong bonds are forged. Our donors are grateful for what the fraternity did for them and wish to pass on to those that follow the experiences and benefits of Sigma Nu at University of North Carolina.

There is also a need for alumni to donate their time to support and guide our active brothers. Whether through mentoring, social functions, or job placement, we have a responsibility to these young men and to the legacy of the Psi Chapter. If you are interested in volunteering, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. In the meantime, shouldn’t your name be on this donor list? If so, please make your contribution now, do not delay as your support is needed.