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Ah, Thanksgiving. A time celebrated in America by eating way too much food, probably drinking too much, and falling asleep to football. But it also celebrated frequently by saying what exactly we’re thankful for this late autumn. Most people are thankful for their families, their friends, their own health and happiness. We hope that you are also thankful for your brotherhood at Sigma Nu.


What memories are you thankful for from Sigma Nu and UNC? We are absolutely sure there are some memories that will forever be locked in the vault and never talked about, but if you would like to share you can always share them below in the comments or sending them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We always love a good story with our turkey, cranberry sauce, arguments, and terrible professional football.

While you are enjoying your Thanksgiving meal, be thankful that you share the bond of brotherhood with these other accomplished alums:

Tom Johnson (Mu)- President of CNN; has also served as President and CEO of the Los Angeles Times.

Al Michaels (Zeta Upsilon, Eta Kappa)- Play by play sportscaster for NBC's Sunday Night Football; formerly announced ABC's Monday Night Football from 1986 until it ended in 2005; one of only two men to have broadcasted for the championships of the four major American pro sports (NFL, MLB, National Basketball Association, NHL)

Glenn Miller (Gamma Kappa)- Leader of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, received the GRAMMY Hall of Fame Award in 1983 (In the Mood) and 1991 (Moonlight Serenade).
Paul Rudd (Nu)- Actor in films such as Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Clueless, and The Shape of Things
Boyd Tinsley (Beta)- Violinist of Dave Matthews Band fame.
James Dean (Epsilon Pi; pledged but never initiated)- Hollywood film legend (Rebel Without a Cause, East of Eden, Giant)

Political Figures
Trent Lott (Epsilon Xi)- United States Senate Republican Whip (R — Mississippi).
Bob Graham (Epsilon Zeta)- Governor of Florida (1978–1986); U.S. Senator (1986–2005) (D — Florida).
George J. Mitchell (Delta Psi)- Former Senate Majority leader and current chairman of The Walt Disney Company
Lloyd Bentsen (Upsilon)- Former Senator from Texas, Vice Presidential candidate in 1988, and former United States Secretary of the Treasury.
Jim Gibbons (Delta Xi)- Current Governor of Nevada
Roger Wicker (Epsilon Xi)- Member of the United States House of Representatives (1995–present) (R — Mississippi)
Norm Dicks (Gamma Chi)- Member of the United States House of Representatives (1976–present) (D — Washington)
Jody Powell (Eta Gamma)- President Jimmy Carter's Press secretary.
Clarence M. Kelley (Nu)- Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from July 9, 1973 through February 23, 1978. Kelley, who was Kansas City police chief when he received the appointment, had been an FBI Agent from 1940 to 1961. Kelley also served in the United States Navy (22 July 1944 - 9 April 1946) having been granted military leave from the FBI.
Tom Coburn (R — Oklahoma) (Epsilon Epsilon)- Senator from Oklahoma

Sports Figures
Felix "Doc" Blanchard (Psi)- Three time All-American and 1945 Heisman trophy winner for Army (after joining Sigma Nu at UNC)
Paul "Bear" Bryant (Theta)- Coached several college football teams (most notably, his alma mater Alabama) for a career record of 323-85-17
Bobby Dodd (Epsilon Eta)- Coached Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team to 165-64-8 record; All-American quarterback for Tennessee; one of only two men in the College Football Hall of Fame as both a coach and a player
Walt Dropo (Epsilon Phi)- American League rookie of the year in 1950; played twelve seasons for the Red Sox
Dallas Green (Delta Kappa)- Major League baseball player; manager of Chicago Cubs and New York Mets; managed 1980 Philadelphia Phillies to first World Series title
Al Groh (Beta)- Former head coach of the New York Jets, current head coach of the University of Virginia football team.
Lindy Infante (Epsilon Zeta)- Green Bay Packers head coach 1988–1991
Norm Johnson (Epsilon Pi)- Ranks fifteenth all time in points scored in NFL history
Stan Jones (Delta Phi)- NFL Hall of Famer
Guy Lewis (Zeta Chi)- University of Houston Basketball coach with 27 straight winning seasons
Archie Manning (Epsilon XI)- Professional quarterback for the New Orleans Saints
Eli Manning (Epsilon Xi)- Professional quarterback for the New York Giants
Mike McCormack (Nu)- NFL Hall of Famer
Wayne Munn (Delta Eta)- World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion in 1925
Roy Skinner (Zeta Theta)- Vanderbilt University Basketball coach (1961-1976); winningest coach in school history. Integrated the Southeastern Conference (SEC) basketball by signing the first black player, Perry Wallace.
Tommy Vardell (Beta Chi)- Cleveland Browns running back
Bill Yoast (Eta)- Coach portrayed in Remember the Titans

Other Famous Members
Daniel Amos (Mu)- CEO of AFLAC Insurance
Vance Brand (Gamma Kappa)- Astronaut — flew on ASTP, commander of STS-5 and STS-41B
Ronald Evans (Nu)- NASA astronaut and Pathfinder to the Stars who piloted Apollo 17
Robert L. Gernon (Nu)- Kansas Supreme Court Justice 2003-2005
Chet Huber (Eta Mu)- Current President of OnStar
Johnny L. Morris (Epsilon Beta)- Founder and Owner of Bass Pro Shops outdoor retailer
Charles R. Schwab (Beta Chi)- Founder, Chairman and CEO of Charles Schwab Corporation Retail Stock Brokerage
General Paul Tibbets (Epsilon Zeta)- Pilot of the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb used in warfare on Hiroshima in 1945
Don Tyson (Gamma Upsilon)- Chairman of Tyson Foods
Herman B Wells (Beta Eta)- President, Indiana University

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!