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During your time at UNC, you gained experience, skills, friends, and many memories at Sigma Nu. Our goal is to perpetuate this experience for years to come, and we’re working hard to do that through our Annual Fund. We haven’t yet raised any money towards our goal. Though we are already 3 months into the Annual Fund giving year, we’re confident that we can still reach our goal with your help.

With your donations, Simga Nu is able to:

Host alumni events

One of the best parts of being an alum is attending alumni events to reconnect. With your help, we can host events that are fun and truly memorable. If you’ve ever attended an event, you know just how important these are. Your contribution will help fund these events.

Maintain the undergraduate chapter

Your support goes towards college-living expenses and events that help perpetuate the Sigma Nu experience for current and future generations. You can give brothers this unparalleled experience by donating to the annual fund.

Cultivating the brotherhood

The money from the annual fund allows us to build connections and help strengthen the bond between brothers.

There’s still time to make a donation before the giving year is over. We’re counting on you to help us reach our goal by August 31, 2015. Give back to Sigma Nu and help us provide the same experience had.