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Jeff Bye ’84 recently sat down with Akash Mishra to answer a few questions about his Sigma Nu experience. Jeff currently works in Medical Sales for Cook Endoscopy in the Raleigh- Durham area.

What is your favorite memory from Sigma Nu?

“I can still vividly remember being in the chapter room when Michael Jordan hit the famous game-winner to secure the 1982 National Championship. Everyone was standing up on the couches screaming, and I remember having my hand on the ceiling of the chapter room while celebrating.”

Can you share any specific stories from living in the Sigma Nu house?

“Living in the house was an incredible experience. It was almost like being in the army. If you had any weakness, your brothers would capitalize on it and embarrass you until it became impossible to feel humiliated anymore. That’s what makes our bonds with one another so strong. We always kept it real with one another. There was never any sugarcoating or beating around the bush. Girls in sororities can be artificial to one another sometimes, but living in the house truly was like growing up with 32 brothers. We fought, partied, slept, ate, and lived together. Living in the house was an experience that was glorious and miserable. However, it’s reassuring that to this day, whether I’m successful or broke, I have great friends who have my back.”

Do you have any advice for undergraduate brothers? What would you like to see from today’s brotherhood?

“Enjoy your time as much as you can. Don’t blink. This is the last time in your life that you will be carefree. Not too long after you finish, you will have a job, a wife, and kids. Enjoy every road-trip, football Saturday, party, and the day-to-day interaction with your brothers. They are memories that will last a lifetime.

 This information was compiled by Askash Mishra, our historian. If you have any suggestions for future alumni interviews, please contact Akash at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..