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Psi Brothers Bond in Weeks Prior to Finals

Between spring break, the initiation of three spring candidates, and the excitement of the NCAA tournament, March and April have been quite busy for the undergrads of Psi Chapter. There was no shortage of bonding, though. The last few weeks have been packed with exciting experiences for all of the undergrads.

Now, they’re recovering from the excitement of the NCAA championship and are preparing for the closing weeks of the semester. With the last day of classes and exams looming, they look forward to finishing the year on a strong note.

Spring Initiates Trey Sullivan, Rick Harrison, and Jonathan Woody visited our national headquarters in Lexington, VA with EC Colin Russell (not pictured).


Sophomores Grant Egnatz, Chris White, Austin Parent, Mason Meredith, Bradley Trexler, Adam Messenkopf, Conrad Dagum, and Joseph Riddle enjoyed a catamaran trip on the beautiful waters of Cancun, Mexico, where they spent spring break.


Junior Sam Agnew and recent graduate Connor Jarvis enjoyed spring break in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here, they are pictured at a peak of Zion’s National Park.


Sophomore Carson Southard, and juniors Chris Batchelor, Blanton Smith, Mac Donahue, and Seth Hauser spent their spring break road tripping throughout the southeast coast. They visited Charleston, St. Augustine, and Savannah, GA.