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As the brothers of Sigma Nu are hard at work studying for finals, we reminisce on the recent memories that were made in April.  Everyone had a great time at formal this year in Charleston.  Most people arrived at the Holiday Inn Express in Charleston on Friday night, April 26, and immediately headed towards the water to find great local restaurants.  On Saturday morning, everyone proceeded to the beaches of Mount Pleasant's for a fun day of spike ball, swimming, tanning, and camaraderie. 

From the beach, we all proceeded back to the hotel to put on our tuxedos and head to the Francis Marion Hotel where we awarded Senior Akash Dev Mishra "Brother of the Year", and awarded Megan Harris the honors of White Star Princess.  When we returned to Chapel Hill, we began our work to prepare for our annual Big Sam LDOC BBQ Philanthropy Event. 

This year we raised over 1300 dollars for the Jimmy V foundation.  As this year comes to a close, we are sad to see our Senior Pledge class graduate but know that they are going off to do great things and will always hold the values of Sigma Nu close to them.  Graduating this year are: Thomas Matthews, Collin Dworsky, Cohen Dworsky, Carson Southard, Sam Ingalls, Brad Walters, Josh Cornell, Jon Bowling, Brad Trexler, Grant Egnatz, Chris White, Akash Mishra, Austin Parent, Joe Riddle, Hudson Spangler, Conrad Dagum, Josh Herron, Adam Messenkopf, Mason Merideth, and John Michael Hall.



Mac Browning
Alumni Relations