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Brotherhood is unique. We spend four years on a college campus with our fraternity Brothers, and as a result, we have a community for a lifetime. We want to make the most of those connections. Our Brotherhood has a reach that extends across the country. It provides a resourceful network of support, professions and community.

Most importantly, it provides a place for you to go to reconnect with your Sigma Nu UNC Brothers while you might be home and not able to leave your house. There has never been a better time to reach out and say hello to you old friends.

We have provided an online forum on our website for you to connect with other alumni. By utilizing the alumni website, you can stay in contact with Brothers wherever life after graduation took them. Register online for our password-protected platform, so you can upload photos, utilize the searchable directory, and read and provide updates. Visit the alumni page and get connected today! Register online and start the conversation that has been years in the making while you have the time to catch up. We could all use some normal conversation! Visit www.uncsigmanu.com today!