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Thomas Adams ‘67

I am retired as probably most of my contemporaries. I have enjoyed seeing the next generation move our business forward. I also now have time to travel, play golf poorly and spend time on a few civic boards. Last year the swim team invited me up for a swim meet and basketball game, this gave me the opportunity to see a couple of old fraternity brothers and to make a visit to the fraternity house where I met a couple of actives. It was a Saturday morning and not much was going on but they were sharp and engaging. I was pleased at the quality of the men I met as I had been concerned from information, I had received a few years earlier about difficulties at the chapter.


The front porch of the Sigma Nu House, was always my favorite place in Chapel Hill. It was great to sit on the park bench (which I had appropriated for the porch), watch the activity and listen to popular music of the 1960’s on beautiful fall and spring days. At that time there was a music festival in the quad each spring. We enjoyed Blankets, beer and good music. UNC is a large school and Sigma Nu gave me a small group of guys with which to identify.



Ricky R. Sharp ‘80

I have retired from working with the US Army as a civilian in June 2019 after 19 years as a project manager. The most valuable part of my Psi experience was going through rush, pledging, and learning Sigma Nu traditions through our pledge trainer. I often went to Phillips Hall to study. I could easily find a classroom and take 3-4 books to do homework at night. I enjoyed singing "Hark the Sound." I still do this even when no ballgame is going on. A beautiful song, words and tune.