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We recently caught up with our very own Richard Bryant '80 and had the chance to ask him about his favorite memories from Sigma Nu. Here's what Richard had to say:

Where was your favorite place to go in Chapel Hill, why was this place so special to you?

Favorite place: Phillips Hall to study. I could easily find a classroom and take 3-4 books to do homework at night.

What was your favorite event, tradition, or activity to partake in during your college years? Why was it so important to you? Do you still engage with that event, tradition, or activity?

Tradition: Singing "Hark the Sound." I still do this even when no ballgame is going on. A beautiful song, words and tune.

As an alum, what do you see as the most valuable part of your Sigma Nu experience? 

Most valuable part of Psi experience: Going through rush, pledging, learning Sigma Nu traditions through our pledge trainer.

Share an update of what's new in your life (career highlights, family news, etc.) 

Career highlights: Retired from working with US Army as a civilian in June 2019 after 19 years as a project manager.

What were your favorite memories from Sigma Nu? CLICK HERE and let us know!